23 December - Save your energy

An alternative advent calendar

Most if not all of these are obvious, but sometimes we need reminding:

- Turn off lights that you don't need.

- Use LED lamps instead of main lights as they are focused and can take less energy.

- Cosy up with some throws and switch the thermostat down.

- Stick on an extra jumper instead of using the heating.

- Run your washing machine on full. Whilst most machines are more water efficient, running them still uses electricity so try to cut use of it.

- Unplug unused electronics. Standby and cables still use energy so unplug what isn't used.

- I air dry washing, but if you have a dryer, put a dry towel in with your damp washing as it reduces the overall drying time!

Photos from unsplash.com and lamp photo, Oliver Bonas.

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